Bernard Frize

Date of birth : 1954

Country : France

French painter.

Bernard Frize paints series of abstract and colourful paintings. He experiments with different techniques to better question the meaning of painting itself. Since the 1990s, he has been creating a series of paintings using a mixture of acrylic and resin that he applies in a single spray.
Each painting is therefore a unique creation. Chance takes on the major role in the creation and in the experience of new methods and technical limitations.

In Synchronia, Bernard Frize superimposes two “acts” of paint, rather than two coats. The first is the representation of the subject, the search for purely pictorial content. The second is used to cover the first under a grey veil, only letting through circles of the original coat.

Modern Art Museum in Paris, Gemente Museum in the Hague, Netherlands, Carré d’Art – Contemporary Art Museum in Nimes, etc.