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3 axes, 3 sphères

Date: 2014
Support: Sculpture
Dimensions: 84 x 53 x 26 cm


Trois axes, trois sphères (2014) is a balancing act of lines and spheres.
The geometrical construction is reminiscent of a satellite and embodies the memory of El Lissitzky's Prouns, "switching stations" born of the spatial experiences of abstract painting.

In the tradition of Duchamp and Mondrian, Mathieu Mercier wants to find and reveal the beauty in the objects of everyday life. His multiple talents as a painter, sculptor, architect and director have given him the opportunity to work with mass consumer objects which we all know, but which are now perceived in an aesthetic and artistic way.

Mathieu Mercier won the Prix Marcel Duchamp in 2003.
This was followed by the “Le Pavillon 2” exhibition at the Pompidou Centre. His body of work was then shown at the Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris/ARC in 2007 and at the Nuremberg Kunsthalle in 2008.

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