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Balls and Tunnels

Date: 1996
Support: Painting
Dimensions: 175 x 125 cm

Beginning in 1995, each painting is produced with the help of a bathtub in order to invite chance into the distribution of the colors on the canvas. This series provides a means for her to obtain a certain mise en abyme, a means of putting all of her other figurative paintings, which are composed of multiple decisions, into perspective. In « Balls and Tunnels », decision-making is reduced to the minimum: the choice of the format and the dominant color. It is practically a heap of color that operates on its own. There exists a certain relationship to a series of abstrat paintings by Gérard Ritcher that she saw in Paris in 1992. They incited her to « also » make abstract paintings, however she reduced the number to one per year, and this until the year of my death.

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