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Chandigarth - Assemblée # 1

Date: 2007
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 100 x 131 cm
Neither celebrating nor condemning the urban world that surrounds us, the images of this French photographer move us to question our perception of our environment. Constantly investigating his subjects, their uses, and their destiny, the artist invites us to contemplate a new order of forms: a proliferation of signs, the juxtapositioning of perspectives, and the removal of any hierarchy between subjects transform this heterogenous world into a world of possibilities.
Stéphane Couturier sees the urban landscape as a work in progress, a building site that is forever being transformed, inexorably problematic. In so doing, he goes against one of the essential functions of photography: to freeze a moment of time, to anchor the transitory, to capture the ephemeral in a stable and secure image…
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