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Date: 1980
Support: Mixed media
Dimensions: 110 x 150 cm
- © ADAGP.

He also created many paintings and tapestries. "First of all I like wool, its warmth...In tapestry, I can use both colour and graphic design”  wrote the artist in “Sculpture”, Paris, 1968. Better known as a sculptor, Gilioli would design his first cartoon in 1949, before winning in 1957 the Tapestry Prize at the Biennial in Sao Paulo ; in all he designed around a hundred tapestries, woven by the Pinton and Picaud workshops.
This tapestries revealed the artist's taste for pure colours used in geometric shapes and strictly abstract orientations. Extreme rigor, geometric simplification are recurrent in his work. This is one of the most refined tapestry existing of Gilioli’s, this épuré style is very representative of his beautiful work.
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