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Sac Plastique 1

Date: 2009
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 100x100 cm
Lambda print

This piece is of a man dressed in black, holding in each hand a plastic bag, one black, the other white. He is looking at them. What is in these bags? Where is he going with these bags? What does he plan on doing with these bags? Anything is valid, anything is possible, but it is not long before a feeling of strangeness emanates from these still subjects in incongruous situations, leaving those who gaze upon them in suspense.

Some kind of explanation can undoubtedly be gleaned from the introduction of Ji-Yeon Sung’s series: “I named the series Entre-Deux [between two] as I seek to place my subjects in a situation between two moments, two as yet undefined emotions. What interests me is to make visible, through photography, the contrast between the silence outside and the internal tension of the individual.”
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