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Date: 2008
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 50 x 67 cm

Seuils Series, 2008

Ilfochrome on aluminium Courtesy of the artist and Galerie RX, Paris / © ADAGP

In the series entitled Seuils (thresholds), Eric Rondepierre creates a dialogue between scenes extracted from silent films and stills from film reels that have been cut or damaged. The images contain and convey obsessions that are shared by cinema and the history of art in general: the body, desire, eroticism, death, loneliness, etc.   The result is a curious amalgam, where two mediums and two different times meet. This association brings cinematographic ghosts back to life in the middle of contemporary scenes, by contrasting black and white against colour, the difference in fashion and hairstyles and, more subtly, in attitudes and postures - unfailing markers of time.   I see a threshold as an area of hesitation, breach, and a sign of discontinuity. It is a call to something different, to the unknown. Eric Rondepierre.
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