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Stripes Painting S2E7

Support: Painting
Dimensions: 140 x 100 x 5 cm
Modeling paste Lascaux and acrylic on wood

The artwork is taken in itself, made of matter and shapes. By superimposing thick layers they create a profundity inviting the spectator to plunge into the micro and macro-cosmos. Using contemporary, cheap materials, they compose a maze of contrasts destabilizing our eye and defying the universal law of gravitation.
The black colour acts as silence and vibrates thanks to the under layers of colours, covered (occulted) with black matter. The two artists investigate the “origin of the world” through a series of paintings and videos reflecting various settings in which the spectator is confronted with the emergence of shapes and forms.
The mechanics of a universe in movement are represented by metaphors that are tied to the latest astrophysical discoveries.
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