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The quiet of dissolution, Ice storm

Date: 2005
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 159,1x206,5 cm
C-print, diasec

"The countryside is the modelling of nature by man. Here modelling means that man imagines it, fools it, venerates it, identifies it, defines it and maps it out and also models it to his own idea, cultivating it, exploiting and copying it. Man's relationship with nature develops with the importance it holds for him. My work is associated with the perception of nature and the landscape. I am particularly interested in the themes of copying, repetition and reproduction of nature and its influence on perception, etc.; These landscapes are not associated with defined, existing geographic regions but are only suggested, at the same time covering the various climatic and topological zones of landscapes as exhaustively as possible by the photographs presented in order to create a fictitious world atlas." 
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