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Date: 2008
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 150 cm x 120 cm

Lined up Borders series

The photographic series "Lined up Borders" by Anna-Katharina Scheidegger takes an inventory of, and connects, the borders drawn by man in the Swiss mountains. These straight lines precisely join up vertiginous altitudes, cross through almost inaccessible terrain and offer a new spatial geometry; a horizontality imposed on the landscape by man that is rarely linked to a natural order and is sometimes even contrary to any linguistic logic. The border separates, marks a beginning and an end and symbolises the division between two départements, two countries or two lands. It tries to segment a landscape that is apparently indivisible, creating new perspectives. Drawn on a relief model, it offers a new type of painting of the Swiss mountains. It also reveals the absurdity of this line, which runs futilely across the land. The border seems to be reduced to a pure concept, traced arbitrarily across an untouched landscape.
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