12 / 06 / 2008

The Société Générale Collection goes to Bordeaux

From 14th June to 31st August, the Bordeaux contemporary art museum (CAPC) is exhibiting a selection of works of art from the Société Générale Collection within the framework of the “Présence Panchounette” retrospective.

“Pour une méthodologie d’accrochage Feng shui” (in favour of a Feng Shui method of arranging paintings): an enigmatic name for an exhibition that is well worth visiting. Addressing the topics of decoration and modernity, this exhibition is organised in accordance with the principles of feng shui, the ancestral Chinese way of arranging objects in certain ways. All the works of art displayed have a common factor: they call into question the art of representation and the object’s relationship with contemporary aesthetics and real life. Société Générale has made a number of key items of its Collection available for this exhibition, including Andy Warhol’s “Flowers” and photographical work by Valérie Belin. As well as displaying works of art from its Collection, Société Générale is also a partner of the “Présence Panchounette” exhibition at the CAPC in Bordeaux, which assesses the path of the group of Bordeaux artists from the 1970s whose art criticised the arbitrary nature of aesthetic judgment that excludes some objects from its field of interest. Works by this group of artists are also on display in various places around the city of Bordeaux. Through these artistic events, Société Générale is further reaffirming its commitment to contemporary art, which has been a patronage policy in its own right for the Group since 2004.