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The Acquisition Committee met on Wednesday, 21 October, to select new artwork for the Collection.

Composition of the Committee

This year, a new expert from the art world has joined the Committee alongside Guy Boyer, Managing Editor of the magazine Connaissance des arts and an expert for the Collection since 2005. Our new member is Olivier Fau, Senior Director of the auction house Sotheby’s, where he is currently an International Specialist in the Contemporary Art department.

With a degree in international trade, Fau has also studied art history, general history and humanities. He advises many collectors in the sale and acquisition of artwork both in France and abroad.

Two employees chosen through a call for applications, Anne-Emmanuelle Foury and Frédéric Biscarat, were also involved in selecting the artwork. 

 Guidelines for 2015

The guiding principle that aided the committee in its decisions this year was to pursue international acquisitions, in line with the cultural diversity of the Group, featuring younger, emerging and experienced artists from America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Abstract painting and photography are now equally represented. Of note is the acquisition of a brushed aluminium sculpture by the young French artist Julien Prévieux, who was awarded the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2014.

The newly acquired artwork will soon be viewable online.