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Born in 1976
Anne Neukamp, a Franco-German artist born in Düsseldorf, is a graduate of the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, and now works and lives in Berlin. Her practice is essentially pictorial. Beginning nearly 15 years ago, it uses a graphic language borrowed from logos and other visual elements gleaned from the Internet, the original design of which she buries under stratification that is both pictorial and semantic. This process of abstraction, strictly speaking – from the source image, even stylised – shifts the design, through multiple manipulations, rotations, colourisations, and so on, to a non-representational shape.

Anne Neukamp was in residence at the ISCP in New York (2015), and her work was notably displayed at the Prague (2011) and Lyon (2015) Biennales, the KW in Berlin, and the Kunstverein in Oldenburg in 2013.
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