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Bertrand Lavier

Born in 1949
Born in Châtillon-sur-Seine, France

A self-taught artist with a training in horticulture, Bertrand Lavier has made converting everyday objects into works of art the focus of his painterly activity. An overt admirer of Marcel Duchamp’s provocative transgressions and Raymond Hains’s tongue-in-cheek, conceptual offerings, he is fascinated by the relationship between art and reality, and transforms mass-produced or ready-made objects, such as a refrigerator placed on a safe or an anvil on a chest of drawers, into “sculptures on
a pedestal”.
Thus elevating ready-mades to the rank of an artistic discipline comparable to painting and sculpture, he has exhibited, in turn, Giuletta, a wrecked Alfa Romeo, Dolly, a deflated hot-air balloon, and Ifava IV, a group of neon tubes. He has also played the role of a Hollywood artist with his Walt Disney Productions, sculptures inspired by the setting of a Mickey Mouse comic strip: a magical reinterpretation of a reinvented reality
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