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Breuning Olaf

Born in 1970
Born in Schaffhouse, Switzerland
Lives and works in New York, United States and in Zurich, Switzerland.

Olaf Breuning, a Swiss artist based in New York, explores the subtle limits of the notion of “good taste” through films, setups, drawings and photographs. He finds his visual references in the productions of popular mass culture: comics, pictures of advertisements, 1960’s B-series movies.
Olaf Breuning happily mixes these aesthetic codes to send a direct and emotional message to the spectator, much in the way a publicity spot would.
At first glance, Olaf Breuning’s work imbued with self-mockery appears straightforward. Yet under closer inspection, his world proves more complex. His work is composed of multidimensional pieces that reflect the hypocrisy of Western society, while maintaining this self-mockery for the artist does not deny that he himself is part of this very society.
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