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Born in 1983
She lives and works in Paris. Claire Trotignon studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Tours. She brings spaces to life on paper, for example, a children’s playhouse. 

The world of skateboarding is a common inspiration of hers, making spaces your own by approaching them like a geometrician. Graffiti-covered empty swimming pools often appear in her work. Painted using the gouache method on paper, or scanned and reworked, her artwork offers different areas to explore, opening onto the blank page. Claire Trotignon adopts the sculptor's method by scanning and cutting out engravings from the 17th century sourced at flea markets, which she stores in a kind of library reflecting her imagination. She assembles the fragments after reworking, brightening and contrasting them to create romantic landscapes with fizzling energy inspired by the works of Hubert Robert and Caspar David Friedrich. In direct contrast to the rest of the piece, modernist architecture makes a striking impact, each time interrupting the idyllic landscapes and bringing them back into modern reality. The clear-edged landscapes most often seem to float on the white pages. 

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