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Claire Virieu (de)

Born in 1948
Born in 1948 in Paris.
Lives and works in Paris.

Photographer Claire de Virieu puts nature in the spotlight. She has done several solo exhibitions and taken part in many festivals. Of note, she published “Un Jardin pour soi” with Catherine Laroze (Actes Sud, 1996), “Apremont”, a French folly, with Gabrielle Van Zuylen (Actes Sud, 1999), “Jardins de la mode” with Francis Dorléans (Chêne, 2000) and a magical book, “Majorelle: une oasis marocaine”, with Pierre Bergé (Imprimerie nationale, 2007). Her most recent book, in collaboration with Marc Augé, is the result of much work on the gardens of Paris and gives us a relaxing and poetic vision of the most beautiful gardens in Paris: “Paris jardins” (Imprimerie nationale, 2008).
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