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Claude Viallat

Born in 1936
French painter.

In 1966, Viallet began using a technique of prints: an identical form repeated on a free canvas, which determines the composition of the work.

He remained faithful to his founding principle, but constantly varied the material and techniques: colours, solarisation of the canvas, burying it in the ground, use of cloth canvas, tarpaulin, tent fabric, parasols. In 1970 he used the radical technique of exposing painted net and rope.
His work is marked by polychromes and prints, which became his signature characteristic.

Claude Viallat, an influential teacher, was the founder and most visible artist of the Supports-Surfaces movement, of which the often temporary works questioned the traditional medium of the canvas and the frame. This new look at traditional media had a lasting and original impression on much artistic research from the 1970s on.

Modern Art Museum - Centre Georges Pompidou, Modern Art Museum of Paris, National Fund for Contemporary Art, Museum of Art and Industry, St-Etienne, Cantini Museum, Marseille, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Guggenheim Museum, New York, Art Museum, Lucern, Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo, Museum of Modern Art, Vienna.
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