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Born in 1965
Coco Amardeil is a Canadian photographer born in Toronto in 1965. She studied psychology in Montreal before starting to work as a photographer, first in Montreal and later, at the end of the 1980s, in Paris, where she still works and lives. 

Although Coco Amardeil comes from Canada, where winter temperatures are extremely low, it was under the Italian sun, during a trip, that she discovered her passion for photography. Returning to Montreal, she worked as an assistant in fashion photography before making a name for herself in that world of sophistication. Her distinctive sense of aesthetics and her elegant, quirky style made for a unique body of work, both in terms of subject and of image processing.  

Hailed for the creative, colourful, and graphic qualities of her work, Coco Amardeil has been working for many magazines such as Vogue Bambini, Elle, and Madame Figaro, as well as with major brands such as Le Bon Marché, L’Oréal, and Veuve Cliquot.  

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