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Edward Burtynsky

Born in 1955
Born 1955 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
Lives and works in Toronto.

From his childhood in Ontario, spent amongst steelworks, electric power stations and other petrochemical factories, Edward Burtynsky has retained a taste for exploring the relationship between the Earth and technology. From Australian silver mines and Carrara marble quarries to Californian oilfields and the gigantic Three Gorges Dam construction site in China, his photographs of landscapes, whether disfigured, excavated or strewn with litter, all highlight the impact that industrial activity has had on the environment. At once appealing and repulsive, seductive and fearsome, his strikingly detailed photographs raise questions about the ecological upheavals caused by man.

Text : Carole Vantroys.
Translation : Pamela Hargreaves.
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