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Francesco Jodice

Born in 1967
Born in 1967 in Naples.
Lives and works in Milan.

Francesco Jodice started his artistic career in1995, in parallel with his architectural studies. He directs films, writes and photographs. In 2000, he co-founded “Multiplicity”, an international network of artists and architects. Jodice meanwhile carried on with personal work such as: “What we want”, an atlas of social and urban behaviour in 50 cities around the world; “The Secret Traces”, an experimentation based on the photographic shadowing of unknown people in various towns all over the globe; “100 stories”, 100 short photographic portraits of persons unaware that they were being spied on while performing meaningless tasks; and “Natura”, a series of studies piecing together criminal or strange events that have occurred in different rural areas around the world. In 2003, he directed a short film, “The Gift”, with his brother Sebastiano Jodice.
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