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Franz Pichler

Born in 1960

Pichler exhibited his art at an early age, soon after completing his art studies in Vienna. His sculpture is based on certain principles of Minimal and Conceptual Art: the absence of a subject, the refusal of gratuitous aestheticism, the linking between space and architecture, the economy and every austerity of means.

The works exhibited here are representative of those influences. They are based on the ancient theme of the labyrinth. The entangled lines cut across each other at right angles and the colour applied on the hidden surface of the work provides a space where the eye can lose itself. The only linking element is the simplicity of the form that reveals a wide range of perceptions.

Bochum Museum, Wolfgang Gurlitt Museum in Linz, Museum of Modern Art in Bozen, Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon, Keptar Museum in Szombathely, Museum of Modern Art in Vienna.
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