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Gérard Traquandi

Born in 1952
Born in 1952 in Marseille
Lives and works in Marseille and Paris.

Gérard Traquandi’s work is based on paradox as his universe lies somewhere between abstraction and realism. He uses abstraction to represent the real world, and moves away from an accurate likeness in favour of a sensorial approach.
The inspiration for his designs comes from nature, for example stones or flowers, and never from manufactured products. He then paints moving, driving masses, sliding one over the other, in his primary quest to “fight inertia”.
The result is a canvas which invokes sensations linked to the beauty of nature such as density, light and abundance.

Gérard Traquandi is a graduate of the Marseille School of Fine Arts, and has taught at the Ecole supérieure des Beaux-arts de Marseille, the Ecole d’Architecture de Marseille and the Ecole d’art de Nîmes.
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