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Born in 1980

Born in Le Blanc, France
Lives and works in Paris

Geometrical shapes are repeated on or under large colour sections. Certain elements on his canvasses echo the extra-pictorial world, like letraset collages (lines, dots and curves) and the types of markers used by architects to designate certain areas, densities or shadowing on their plans. If not landscapes, Roggy’s work is a portrayal of spaces that bear the trace of the time needed to shape them. Depth, perspective, surface—all are part of his “spirited” painting.

Nicolas Roggy graduated from the Regional School of Fine Arts in Nantes with a DNSEP Higher National Diploma in Plastic Art Expression in 2005. He is follower of abstract art - not “constructed” abstract art based on optimistic rationality, but rather the deconstructionism of the 1980s and 1990s. His work has all the traits of a demolition company, moulding the surfaces of his canvasses by constantly excavating, sanding, baring and turning. Motifs appear hidden by other motifs or layers and superimposed colours. Nicolas Roggy features in collections of the Limousin and Pays de la Loire French Regional Contemporary Art Funds (FRAC).
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