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Ola Kolehmainen

Born in 1964
Born in Helsinki, Finland.
Lives and works in Berlin.

Ola Kolehmainen studied journalism at Helsinki University and also obtained a Masters in Photography from the Helsinki University of Art and Design. He photographs the facades of buildings - both old and modern - removing any sense of purpose to turn them into a simple picture by focusing on specific architectural details or shooting from unusual angles.

Architecture is the starting point of Ola Kolehmainen’s work. The artist’s wide-angle photographs show buildings whose glass facades reflect the architecture opposite. Kolehmainen’s work plays with mirrors, tricks of the light and series of windows to both break up and create volume. His subjects are space, colour and volume and, to photograph these abstract subjects, he uses architecture, transforming the three-dimensional qualities of a building into a flat surface. The original forms of the subjects often consist of a mirror series of basic shapes or materials.

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