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Pascal Pinaud

Born in 1964
Born in Toulouse, France

Pascal Pinaud has spent the last ten years reinventing abstract painting in a quest for new directions, without frames and without brushstrokes, and with incredible formal and technical originality. Using talent and humour, he reinterprets the legends of abstract painting from Malevitch to the present day.
The logo he attributed to himself - PPP for Pascal Pinaud Painter - is already a testimony of his method. Being and advocat of no feeling in any of his work, he often discharge the duties of the realisation to craftsmen (embroiderers, coach-builders). Then, he composes an original abstraction. This intelligence between art and technique places Pascal Pinaud at the heart of the post-modern debate about painting.
With a measured and somewhat ironic fuzziness, positioning himself among the significant gestures of the recent avant-garde creations (Marcel Duchamp, abstract expressionism , minimalism) Pascal Pinaud reveals us his intention not only to question these creations but also to figure out what could be their possible future.
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