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Patrick Messina

Born in 1967
Born in Paris.
Lives and works in Paris.

Patrick Messina was born in 1967 in Paris. After graduating from the École Louis Lumière, he snapped his first photographs for Libération, Télérama and Les Inrockuptibles. Press, advertising, business communication, Patrick Messina has made his mark in various image media. All of the references that accompany our over-mediatised daily lives are placed under a magnifying glass, emphasised, and questioned all at once. His recent solo works, in the field of urban landscapes such as New York, Hong Kong, Paris, or in rural areas like Iceland, Côteaux du Languedoc and even the Gulf of Morbihan have made Messina known as an artist who excels at conveying an intimate experience of spaces and giving them a reading that renews our thoughts on them.

“[Patrick Messina's] images dwell on the infinitely small or dive into the infinitely large. Reality, normally near and clear, is modified in favour of an ethereal vision; its meaning balances in the emotional. The images are not properly translated: lost in one's feelings, the onlooker no longer understands the image. In the words of Sofia Coppola, it is “Lost in Translation.” In an etymological sense, Messina's photographs could be called sublime: they play with boundaries, perplexing our interpretation and dismissing our rationality.”

Elise Legris-Heinrich

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