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Born in 1979

Born in 1979 in Gliwice. He lives and works between Poznań and Warsaw.

Radek Szlaga graduated (with honours) in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań in 2005.

Radek Szlaga is a storyteller. From modernism to rock, structuralism to colonialism, he is captivated by everything in history that has taken place, everything that has failed and the consequences of these events. Caught between the anthropological need for mythical tales and the disturbing forces of contemporary life, Radek Szlaga has developed a hypertext language that continually mystifies and questions the relationship between traditional means and new techniques of the digital and technological world. On one hand, his pictorial approach corresponds with the contemporary standard of portraying what is visible. However, the approach also questions the distribution of wealth and the evolution of the world. 

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