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Rémy Hysbergue

Born in 1967
Born in Valenciennes, France.

Action painter Rémy Hysbergue explores all visual possibilities. He likes nothing better than pictorial slips of the brush, so to speak, the gestural accidents that give rise to and inspire new series. Cordialement, Vides
faits, Abracadabra, Laps, Bluff, Esbrouffes, Pneuma, Distractions, Fiction and Réversible… each of the programmatic series produced by this techno-artist—who consistently mixes images and multiplies visual combinations— is constructed like a systematic experiment of an innovative artistic hypothesis.
"After having put down a network of adhesive tapes on the support, I spread the painting with a spatula through "effects areas".
The support used must be very smooth and hard - that is the reason why I like to work on "Komacel"-like polyurethane boards used in the building industry. In my different paintings, I try to reach the theorical work, the very conception of the painting and its creation which can ends with a visual seduction. An autoreflexive and light painting at the same time."
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