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Stephen Dean

Born in 1968
Born in Paris, France

Born from an American father and a French mother, Dean studied art in Paris and Los Angeles before settling in New York to work. The material Stephen Dean uses in his work is something that already exists,expert at all types of conversions, he seeks to add another visual rhythm to the objects that he recycles. Whether they are flags cut up and reassembled, crossword grids covered in coloured squares, paperbacks stacked upright against a wall in monochrome piles, or tartan rugs with extra highlights, the Franco-American painter transcends the commonplace in his painterly investigations focusing on colour, giving them a visual regularity and another way of viewing them. The same technique is also applied to plaid fabric, some of the squares he covers with a paint, doubling the chromatic contrast with a contrast of material.

Museum for Contemporary Art in New York, Center of the Arts, Columbus, Ohio
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