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Takashi Naraha

Born in 1930
Born in Mito, Japan

Takashi Naraha discovered diabase, his sculptural stone, near Malmö in Sweden, where he has lived since 1975. Out of these blocks of very dark granite, which he now uses exclusively for his sculptures, he cuts pure geometric forms: cubes, pyramids or cylinders. Producing a constant dialogue between hollows and solids, polished and rough surfaces, shiny and matt effects, he respects the Zen concept of unity in opposites in his play of contrast between raw and worked materials.
In this work, Takashi Naraha performs a calligraphic exercise in three dimensions on the theme of the Zen circle, the symbolic icon of the void conducive to meditation. Deliberately drawing a simple imperfect circle in the infinite circle of the universe is tantamount to realizing that the imperfection of our insignificance and the perfection of all things make one entity.
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