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Thibault Cuisset

Born in 1958
French photographer.

Cuisset’s first photographs were produced in Amsterdam in 1981, his work centring on his journey to Morocco, Egypt, Venezuela, Sicily, Australia, Switzerland and Andalusia. In 1985 he began concentrating on landscape photography in large format and in colour. He stayed a year in the Villa Medici in Rome.

His photos reveal a network of references and questions about image and the pictorial tradition. The soft tones are reminiscent of Piero della Francesca, while the rigid frame poses the basic question of how to look at his work. These landscapes are extremely stable and invite the viewer to contemplate.

National Fund for Contemporary Art, European Photography Centre, Carnavalet Museum, The Elysée Museum in Paris, Nieppe Museum in Chalon sur Saône, Museum of Lausanne.
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