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Valérie Favre

Born in 1959
Born in Evilard, Suisse

Valérie has taught painting at the Berlin University of the Arts since 2006, and is one of the first female artists to hold a painting professorship at the University. She has spent many years developing a pictorial, narrative work, rich in references from literature, theatre and art, in which the medium of painting becomes a means to tell stories.
Whether she is revisiting Delacroix or Rembrandt, or telling the story of Macbeth or Little Red Riding Hood, Valérie’s work uses as many different techniques as there are subjects. And all in complete freedom, which enables her to flit joyfully from a work one may describe as narrative, to more abstract canvasses in which a conceptual approach is so important. This is reflected in
the series of “Balls and Tunnels”, which started in 1996, and the more recent “Fragments”.
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