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Born in 1960

Born in Sens, France

Lives and works in Montreuil, France

After graduating in law and art history, Yves Bélorgey turned to painting as a career. Intrigued by the landscapes around him and the potential of painting to represent those landscapes, it was during a stay in Germany in 1986 and again in 1991 that his decision to devote his canvasses entirely to housing blocks first emerged. On his return to France, he focused his work on the urban buildings on the outskirts of Paris built between the 1950s and the 1970s. His inspiration and subject matter, his paintings and their autobiographical undertones are intended to capture the multifaceted reality of those buildings. As well as several canvasses of the Mirail project in Toulouse, Yves Bélorgey’s oeuvre includes a large number of paintings and drawings covering the projects of urban architect, Jean Renaudie, in Yvry-sur-Seine and Givors. The artist’s work also covers similar themes in Russia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.
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