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Date: 2016
Support: Painting
Dimensions: 166 x 150 cm
Julien des Monstiers graduated from Michel Alberola’s worshop at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaxu-Arts.  Since then, he has exhibited at the EDF Foundation in Paris, the Bernard Boesch Museum, the Art Gallery of Créteil and more recently at the Christophe Gaillard gallery. In 2015 he received Antoine Marin First Prize. Painting with and against everything. Renewing one’s spontaneity in the pictorial scope of possibilities: classicism, expressionism, figurative, abstract, print painting, bad painting, and all-over. To Julien des Monstiers, every painting constitutes a group whose different ways of doing understand one another through an ensemble that gives them its meaning. A holistic painting, that cannot be reduced to the sum of its parts and that escapes all predetermined definition. 
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