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Date: 2016
Support: Painting
Dimensions: 162 x 130 cm
Born in 1935, Geneviève Claisse is a historic artist of the Abstraction Geometrical as Vasarely or Dewasne.
The investigation into forms and colours developed by Geneviève Claisse provides the spectator, who admires the various pictorial periods of the artist, with a feeling of depth and a unique dynamism which goes beyond the simplicity of the forms employed. Circles appear in the work of Geneviève Claisse in the mid-1960s and the artist extensively explores this pure and perfect form. The colour associations are glowing, and the contrasts are very bright. The emphasis on this theme exposes the extraordinary capacity of the artist to consolidate, on one hand, the rigour of the aesthetic, while on the other, the purity of the energy. Her circles superimpose or juxtapose, creating an impression of rotation and depth.

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