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Date: 2016
Support: Works on paper
Dimensions: 126 x 170 cm
Claire Trotignon is a young French artist who graduated from the Ecole supérieure des Beaux Arts de Tour in 2008. She composes meticulous collages, with the help of fragments cut out from engravings or ancient postcards. Originating from both intuitive handiwork and sterling work, her imaginary territories are not subjected to a linear staging or narrative. Her searches focus on the notion of space through architecture, landscape and mapmaking in a constant back and forth between past and future and the relationship between plan and volume. All her practice revolves around a questioning of the codes which animate our reality. Claire Trotignon realises large installations, series of drawings, collages and photographs. She constitutes places on transformed spatial and time scales, in a process of handmade construction and deconstruction.    
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