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Espectadores 3

Date: 2008
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 120 x 150 cm
In the  “Spectators” ,  Aleix Plademunt  explores the manner in which the human race transforms the nature to suit its interests. He believes that landscape is a language capable of telling the story of humanity. The contemporary world’s non-recyclable materials offer a merciless depiction of it. By installing rows of chairs in the landscapes that he photographs, Plademunt invites spectators to take another look at the world around them.
"The two series - Espacios comunes and Espectadores – are part of a fundamental approach questioning the relationship between man and space. I am trying to analyse our ability to both radically destroy and alter our environment, aggressively or discretely. Human beings create and adapt, change and transform, alter, manipulate and pervert the natural environment according to their needs and interests. Man destroys places and regions to meet his own particular, ephemeral needs. A humanised landscape inevitably becomes a changed landscape".

Aleix Plademunt, Barcelona, 2006
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