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Factory in Bourgogne

Date: 1994
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 100 x 120 cm

Anne Garde's approach is to try and show an underside of the western world that is managing to escape from and resist globalisation; "a sort of somnambulant truth" (Michel Nuridsany.). Architecture, towns, ports, factories, wastelands, bunkers, bridges, roads, interiors and night-time landscapes are her locations of choice, where her paradoxical works use light, colour pigments and fire to express a luminous tension that can also be found in her black and white photographs. This no-man's land environment is structured by monochrome installations, which are the artist's signature. The new worlds opening up in Asia are also an active part of her creative universe, which she shares with Laure Vernière, a painter and writer.

"I'm trying to shine light on what has stayed in the shadows. The shadow of memory, the shadow of the repressed and the shadow of history". AG
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