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Date: 2015
Support: Mixed media

When looking closely at Jivya Soma Mashe’s paintings, observers are struck in particular by the movement, the attention to detail, the lightness and the precision of each brush stroke. There is no hesitation in Jivya Soma Mashe’s paintings. He gets directly to the core of the piece, both in his drawings and composition, and focuses on the simplicity of what is obvious, naïve, and natural. Every detail in his paintings can attest to this. Strokes, lines and dots abound, teeming and vibrating on the canvas. They are arranged to match the skilfully crafted composition, which in turn reinforces the resonance of his works as a whole. Both the detail and overall composition contribute to the movement of the work.

“Human beings, birds, animals, insects, etc. Day and night, there is movement. Life is movement!” With these words, Jivya Soma Mashe describes the profound emotion that brings the Warli soul to life. 

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