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Géant de Picrochole

Date: 2018
Support: Sculpture
Dimensions: 270 x 100 x 100 cm
Polycarbonate, printed paper, steel straps, rivets, steel chassis

During his stay at the Villa Médicis, Léonard Martin made a parade of gigantic figures inspired by Quattrocento painting and the processional giants of the north of France. This Géant de Picrochole is one of them. The mobile sculpture combines allusions to art history and popular means of expression, Paolo Uccello and Italian Renaissance, puppet theatre and Carnival games. This “Nonexistent Knight” is, like in Italo Calvino’s novel, an empty armour that achieved its quest and is trying to come back. The lines running on its shell and tracing its edges evoke Uccello’s battle paintings. “To me, the artists I’m talking about aren’t dead. On the opposite: they keep on living with us, sharing our daily life,” explains the artist. These sculptures paraded twice, during Nuit Blanche in Paris and the Parata Leonardo in Florence. 
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