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Hikikomori 1

Date: 2020
Support: Painting
Dimensions: 122 x 122 cm
Acrylics on plywood

In bright, solid planes of acrylics on plywood, Ymane Chabi-Gara’s paintings display characters, alone or in small groups, in worlds and situations mirroring their interiority. Domestic spaces and industrial wastelands support the narration, and the body is a merging point where all experiences end up and find meaning. Lately, she has been representing herself on the canvases. “This staging of myself relates with the singularity of intimacy and loneliness as an archaic, universal feeling,” she explains. The “Hikikomori” series evokes the Japanese youth that makes the radical choice to cut itself off society for a while. Using documentary images as references, the artist paints herself in their environments, bedrooms packed with things – books, video games, rubbish – like fortresses...

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