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La Table

Date: 2003
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 210 x 176 cm
The image of this table, very nearly life size, is at once both real and monumental. Taken from above, the view is akin to an aerial view while begging questions of weight and gravity. The subject's oval is centred, breaks conventions of perspective and allows one to access a more abstract representation.
As in the earlier series on cloths and fish, the willingness to lay the subject out flat is a response to the two-dimensional aspect of the medium, and seems to envelope the subject in the material of the photograph. Because the elements of the image are all wooden and organised geometrically, the flattening effect presents a form that hints at marquetry and also evokes the concept of motif. The simplification of the form projects a reading onto the represented object not unlike that of a sign, a coat of arms or perhaps an emblem.
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