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Date: 2017
Support: Mixed media
Dimensions: 146 x 130 cm
"The work I have developed for some years has been made in a very intuitive way. I use materials exclusively from the three regions I come from: France, Spain and Argentina. The background is made from the French mural acrylic paint; the posters come from Argentina, and the spray paint, which I have used for a long time, is Spanish. I like this hybrid aspect in my work. Even though I was born in France and I am still here today, I remain sensitive to the idea of developing my work with materials from elsewhere.

I try to reach harmony of colors and directions within the framework using different kind of materials. That is also why I love to work with different formats: in order to challenge myself, expose myself to danger and find new solutions. I am also aware that the painting, once hung, is gradly overflowing with its frame to occupy the surrounding area".

Terencio Gonzalez
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