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Madonna and Child

Date: 2012
Support: Sculpture
Dimensions: 60 x 72 x 72 cm (excluding pedestal)
This sculpture is part of the "Madonna and Child" series: calm, peaceful sculptures of various dimensions, in polished marble, in which tender cultivation of the land (a recurrent theme in the artist's work) becomes something else: the artist raises the question of sharing, of love.

She turns the "deposit of experience", as Virginia Woolf calls it, into marble. From lovers' bodies, there remains an emblem of maternity, Madonna and Child, abstracted to a breastfeeding cushion that takes the form of a dissected Mobius strip.

This radical simplicity generates a force of momentum, of possibility, like Brancusi's bird on its plinth. Another crossing of boundaries. The bodies are there to begin another story, to unsettle the fixities and limits of life.  To continue.
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