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Magic Mirror Steel Blue

Date: 2022
Support: Sculpture
Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 1,4 cm
Dichroic laminated glass composed of broken glass, float glass and gelatin filters

Magic Mirror Steel Blue
consists of three sheets of Securit glass. The central sheet held in a vice is shattered by a sharp, precise blow into a multitude of small fragments whose propagation from top to bottom is visible. The “magic” source of the colour is a very thin transparent membrane known as a “dichroic” which makes the whole surface produce all the colours of the spectrum, especially blue, depending on the combination of light and the moving eye.

Liberated from hierarchical composition, the eye gets lost in the mystery of the work, its subtle layers of colour in space. With their image reflected back to them, visitors are confronted with a real threshold between the simplicity of the form and the complexity of the experience.
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