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Maquina de emaranhar paisagens VII

Support: Works on paper
Dimensions: 160 x 239 cm

gouache on paper

The latest series of drawings by Rui Moreira is strongly inspired by the 1985 eponymous film by Hans-Jürger Syberberg which had a profound effect on the artist. The 6-hour monologue in a dark room is a series of emblematic texts recited by the film’s only actress, Edith Clever. One of these texts, the speech pronounced by the Grand Indian Chief Seattle when British colonials offered to buy the territories of his tribe, had a particular impact on Rui Moreira. In his speech, the Grand Indian Chief announced the dark days white men would face if they divert from Mother Earth: “It is ceasing to live and starting to survive”. These new drawings echo the multiple crises that face the world today. Far from resigning, the artist chooses to renew himself from within, a form of meditation through drawing that covers the entire sheet of paper. The product of the artist’s unequalled asceticism day and night, his drawings represent hope, like rays of dawn to illuminate our nights.
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