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Date: 2009
Support: Mixed media
Dimensions: 110 x 146 cm

"Carried out int he workshop based on a motif - where the artist takes photographs (in the south of France and Spain), drawn in her sketch book (playgrounds in the Paris area), bringing together the images found (press photographs - these paitings are the result of patient work in composition and sketching where the different glazes, colours and flat tints are chosen and clarified, where the silk-screened areas, all the content was clearly defined in advance. Taken together, they form a highly contemporary landscape which before long makes us recognise our own as "non-places" ans territories as having already lived too much. Taken separately, each carries a lesson on the deftness, malice and joy which are shown by the artist by explaining reality trough painting." Clément Dirié, March 2010

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