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Plate-forme de la confiance – CFA pillage à huis clos 2

Date: 2016
Support: Mixed media
Dimensions: 204 x 147,5 cm
Technique: Oils, pencil, India ink, acrylic, gouache on corrugated cardboard

Omar Ba's paintings, which he creates using a variety of techniques and materials, resonate with political and social motifs open to multiple interpretations. His visual language resonates with historic and timeless questions while developing an artistic framework that is resolutely modern. The images he uses evoke personal metaphors, ancestral references, and hybrid figures. His work refuses didactic narration and aims, through its enigmatic dimension and poetic force, to express his subconscious and his symbolic perception of reality. 

We can see here old CFA francs seemingly floating on top of the water. His favourite medium is corrugated cardboard. He prefers to paint on cardboard than on canvas because it is harder and can be attached to the wall or to the floor, which makes him feel like he is fully in control. He can walk on it, roll it up and carry it easily without damaging the artwork. His works involve rich iconography and a plural and hybrid bestiary. Several of his artworks dissolve the boundaries separating humans, animals, and plants. His paintings include official portraits, an inoffensive yet eerie imaginary bestiary, and hybrid half-man, half-beast creatures. 

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