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Point de vue

Date: 2006
Support: Photography
Dimensions: 170 x 110 cm
In her series, Point de vue (2006), Anna Malagrida takes her camera inside a seaside resort ready for demolition in order to photograph what lies beyond its windows. Her camera captures the anonymous figures, paintings and inscriptions left on the windows over time which block any view of the outside world. Occasionally, the artist deliberately leaves her own trace on an image, removing the paint to obtain a partial glimpse.
Malagrida's photos offer their audience a last visit before the site is torn down. We are totally intrigued by the movement of the paint. Most of the images have the same geometric structure, with the window frames also framing the paint.
Anna Malagrida explores the limit between painting and photograph, showing us how photographs can play tricks on the mind and prompting us to question what we see – is it a painting or window ?
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